Bernhard Holzhammer

Executive Producer and Co-Founder

Bernhard began to work in the powerful medium of film in order to send out meaningful messages  – additionally, he likes a challenge. So why not start a film production company!?

After his master’s degree in Multi Media Art, he co-founded Wildruf Film in 2008 and has produced numerous commercial and non-commercial projects since then. The works range from awareness spots to elaborate music videos and amusing corporates. A great landmark in his career was the production of Wildruf’s first feature film, the documentary D.U.D.A! Werner Pirchner released in 2014.

Although running a business and producing films demands a lot of time, he also likes to edit certain projects like the short documentary Purity. Bernhard is looking forward to produce Wildruf’s next feature film projects. He currently lives with his family in Hall in Tyrol.


Katrin Jud


Katrin studied Comparative Literature in Innsbruck and after finishing her degree, started her career in theatre.

As co-founder of tON/NOt, an association for multidisciplinary theatre, she created a platform for up-to-date storytelling in cooperation with young artists from different disciplines. Since then, she produced and directed various plays and organised cultural initiatives like the ´freies Theaterfestival innsbruck`, ´stummer schrei` and the ´Innsbruck Film Campus`.

In 2015, she joined the Wildruf family as administrative manager, because she likes to structure contents and operation methods. With Siemens Rap she gave her debut in the production department, followed amongst others by PflegerIn mit Herz and Wellness Residenz Alpenrose.


Tobias Schlorhaufer

Industrial Designer, 3D Generalist and Co-Founder

Tobias studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. After gaining experience with personal works, Tobias co-founded Wildruf to establish a collaborative environment for passionate projects with his friends.

In cooperation with Labvert, he started to work as a designer for brands like Dior, Giorgio Armani, Viktor & Rolf and Hennessy where he established realistic CG visualisations with a high degree of detail, atmospheric quality and material authenticity to validate projects before they are actually built in real life.

Tobias understands this work as the transformation of ideas into a physical language. Working with generative 3D processing programs and prototyping tools, his intension is to create new geometries and design methods. With a playful and artistic approach, he always tries to push the limits of what’s imaginable and to find new ways of creative processes. In this sense, music is one of Tobias essential passions. He works with several sound generating tools, like modular synths, as well as experimenting with field recordings and analogue instruments.


Sonja Aufderklamm


Based in Vienna and Berlin, Sonja Aufderklamm works as cinematographer around the world.

She has shooting experience in Russia (Siberia), Canada (Yukon, Alberta), USA (East Coast, Midwest, Alaska), Republic of the Philippines, Czech Republic, Romania and Italy. Her passion is to create images for stories, whether abstract, stylised or natural. To get a sense of her work, watch the showreel and some of her award-winning films.

Born in Innsbruck, Sonja studied Cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (DFFB) and earned a master`s degree in Science of Theatre, Film and Media in Vienna.


Matthias Helldoppler


Matthias is an aspiring cinematographer, who has gained working experience in shooting commercials, music videos, short films and documentaries over the last ten years.

His versatile visual style ranges from sassy fashion films, over stylised music videos to vfx heavy commercials.

Amongst others, he has done commercials for Adidas, DB, DHL, Siemens, Swarovski and T-Mobile as well as music videos for Conchita Wurst, Filous, Friedrich Liechtenstein and Ghosts.


Lucas Riccabona

Executive Producer, Director and Co-Founder

As a playful and dreamy child, Lucas was blessed to grow up in a community of dedicated people, teaching him to explore the world with an open mind.

After gaining experience with personal projects, he co-founded Wildruf to establish a collaborative environment for passionate projects.

He directs award-winning projects with a playful and dreamy tone, always with a strong visual appeal. He often utilises his background in animation and postproduction and enjoys working as a creative on commercials, music videos and short films.

As a producer, he works with clients such as Swarovski, MED-EL, Sparkasse or DHL. He lives with his family in Tyrol.


Victor Koessl

Screenwriter and Co-Founder

Filmmaking as passion. Societal utopias as love affair. After his master studies in TV production, he co-founded Wildruf in 2008. Since then he has been working as cinematographer, director, story developer and screenwriter (in order of appearance).

In 2012, he met Malte Ludin in Berlin and they decided to work on a documentary about the genius Tyrolean composer and musician Werner Pirchner. Shooting the film in 2013 as cinematographer was a great experience he would never trade.

Besides directing several documentary-style commercials, he also realised a very personal contemplative visual journey.

Since 2014 he has been concentrating on story development together with associated directors and is currently writing his first feature-length screenplay named „Flucht nach Hause“.



Tobias Pichler


Driven by an early fascination to entertain people, Tobias discovered that neither performing in a band nor doing shows on motorcycles was as exciting as film making.

With his sensibility in casting, mood and visuals, he creates stylised and colourful imagery that takes the audience to a city of sassy warrior queens, astonished gazers or a nostalgic dreamer.

A commitment to portray realistic settings juxtaposed with
joy-filled cinematic moments is a defining part of his visual language, as it can be seen in his music video for Ghosts.

Amongst others, he has done commercial work for Sony Music,
Red Bull, BMW, Ultra Music, Sparkasse and Swarovski for which he has been awarded nationally and internationally.

Tobias is currently editing two personal short films shot in Bangladesh, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Teresa Stillebacher

Architect / Designer

Teresa studied architecture in Innsbruck and works as an architect and designer in Innsbruck and Vienna.

She continuously approaches projects in an artistic way and thinks that designing is always connected to the responsibility of creating something valuable for society. Teresa is convinced that relations, humanity and aesthetics generate the novel forms of spaces and designs.


Michael Rittmannsberger


From his award-winning short films to his commercial work, Michael strives to condense strong stories into a short-time frame in order to achieve a great emotional impact.

While powerful cinematic miniatures like for WWFMED-EL or Amnesty International are certainly his focus, Michael’s recent work also features cheerful ball-pit fun for Raiffeisen, a portrait of indomitable will for Wiener Städtischeeerie mystery for Frauenhäuser and stylish graphic compositions
for Greenpeace.

Michael’s commercials have been acclaimed internationally, earning recognitions such as ADC*E Film Silver, a Cannes Young Director Award Nomination and the German Advertising Film Academy’s New Talent Award. Having worked as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather, Michael also features great sensibility for creative conception, client needs and the industry’s workflow.


Mariella Eisenhauer

Production Assistant

Being a passionate skier, Mariella moved to Innsbruck in 2010 to explore the mountains. Since then she worked as a sports model for companies like Odlo, Atomic, Ziener and many more, while she was studying.

After gaining an insight into the work in front of the camera, she wanted to discover the other side and joined Wildruf as a production and administrative management assistant.

Besides that, she is currently working on her master’s degree in Strategic Management with a focus on Innovation at the University of Innsbruck.


Franco Marco Avi

Editor and Cinematographer

Early on Franco, was drawn behind the camera through his passion of being in the mountains with his friends. Over the last years, he has worked on several sports documentaries, music videos, award-winning short and feature films.

As a cinematographer, he is especially drawn to light and shadow and their utilisation in combination with composition to create interesting visuals. Through his studies of Multi Media Arts, he gained a lot of interest in art history and this has strongly influenced his visual style.


Clemens Wirth


In 2011, Clemens graduated from the university of applied sciences FH-Salzburg majoring in MultiMediaArt.

During his studies, he recieved attention with his macro kingdom series and his graduation project Herbst, which led him to do some playful title design projects like the BBC adaption of The Borrowers and some show-openers for Servus TV.

Recently, he did some promos for the UK based TV channel crime and investigation, but he also loves to experiment with non-commercial projects  and he likes to travel.

Oh, and he’s got a showreel.


Patrick Neubäck

Writer & Director

Patrick started his creative career as a chef back in the days but somehow managed to end up working on commercials, shorts and music videos nowadays.

He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg with a master’s degree in MultiMediaArts.

His last movie ´Hoam` will be screened on Servus TV in November ’17 and was shot in Vietnam and Tyrol in 2016/17.


Sebastian Arman


Sebastian has been tagging along with Wildruf from the very beginning. He has supplied soundtracks and sonic landscapes for award-winning Wildruf projects such as The Big White Bang, Med-EL, VVT or Pernlocher.

As a songwriter and producer he has worked with Marlon Roudette, Alex Vargas, Million Styles, Dua Lipa, Camo & Krooked, Tokio Hotel, Konshens, Redman and many more.

He is one half of DECCO, a third of IBK Tribe, one quarter of WAX Wreckaz, a keen food and wine enthusiast and a passionate air mile collector.


Johannes Winkler


Johannes is a full-time musician and media composer, who is familiar with the full range of the classical orchestra.

His sound can be described as a crossover between electronics and traditional score and is therefore very flexible in its use. The range of his work leads from commercials, all the way to big cinematic score writing. Anything between uplifting cues, like his track for Adler Farben, or dramatic orchestral sounds for Swarovski is conceivable.

The perfect match to Johannes‘ concept is his freshly founded Vienna Soundtrack Band, which is a carefully arranged Band consisting of piano, drums, bass, two violins and solo voice.


Melisande Seebald

Artist and Designer

Raised in the Bavarian Alps, Melisande has always been inspired by the media of visual arts and design. She studied interior design in Germany and worked as an architect in Vienna for several years till she decided to follow her urge to create art.

She is currently studying at the academy of fine arts vienna, specialising in video and video installation.


Sascha Vernik

Storyboarder and 2D Animator

Sascha a.k.a Revkin is a Viennese painter and animator, primarily interested in the many perceptions of reality. His short animation film Embracing Lovers serves to explore that fascination.

As seen in his reel, he has been contributing animations for Tom Tykwer’s ‚A hologram for a King‘ starring Tom Hanks & Nychos‘ documentary ‚The Deepest Depths of the Burrow‘, amongst others.
He has done storyboards for numerous clients such as McDonalds, DHL, Philips, OMV & T-Mobile.